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Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket man wrapped in blanket in snow
Emergency Blanket in packaging Emergency Blanket man wrapped in blanket in snow in front of fire
Emergency Blanket
Sale price$5.29
Heat Reflective Poncho in packaging Heat Reflective Poncho laid flat
Heat Reflective Poncho
Sale price$8.99
Emergency Blanket XL in packaging Emergency Blanket XL two people wrapped in blanket
Emergency Blanket XL
Sale price$7.99
All Season Blanket All Season Blanket laying down with corner turned up
All Season Blanket
Sale price$20.99

Frequently Asked Questions

The metalized material on the silver side of the blanket reflects your radiated body heat back to you and traps it close to the body for warmth. The impermeable material holds in the heat that would normally be dispersed into the air.

Among countless other uses, our emergency blankets can be used as a ground tarp, trail marker, rain poncho, emergency signal flag, arm sling, rain fly for gear, and emergency lean-to shelter.

At 2.5mm thick, the Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket is 2x stronger and more durable than the basic Emergency Blanket. It is also larger (58” x 98” vs. 56” x 84” Emergency Blanket). Finally, the Heavy Duty Blanket is green.