Trail Ready Survival Kit in packaging
Trail Ready Survival Kit hip bag around woman's waist
Trail Ready Survival Kit contents displayed next to hip bag
Trail Ready Survival Kit hip bag on man's waist while holding water bottle

Trail Ready Survival Kit

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The Trail Ready Kit features 15 survival essentials in a lightweight waist pack with 2 zippered pockets and an adjustable waistband. Survival essentials include an emergency heat-reflective blanket, fire-starting tools, and TightPak Towel, slim rescue whistle, reflective mirror, and liquid-filled compass, a sewing kit and duct tape. Safely explore with the 15-piece Trail Ready Kit.

  • 15-Piece Survival Essentials Kit – Gear up with survival essentials stored in a fanny pack with an adjustable waistband.
  • Padded Fanny Pack – Padded for comfort with 2 zipped pockets and an elasticized, adjustable waistband.
  • Keep Warm – Emergency heat-reflective blanket and fire-starting tools.
  • Signal for Help – Slim rescue whistle and mini reflective mirror draw rescuers attention.
  • Fix-It Kit – Sewing-fishing kit, mini duct tape roll, and survival tool can patch holes and gear.
  • Navigate to Safety – Liquid-filled compass for stable, easy readings in the northern hemisphere.

1 fanny pack
1 Slim Rescue Howler™ whistle
1 compass
1 TightPak™ survival towel
1 emergency blanket
30 ft reflective tinder cord
4 Fire Lite™ Tinder Quik tinders
1 Fire Lite™ micro sparker w/ flint roller
1 roll of duct tape, 2"x26"
1 mini rescue mirror
1 PackIt™ survival card tool
1 Fishing and Sewing Kit
Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.25" x 9.5"
Weight: 11.5 oz

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

15 Survival Essentials

15 Survival Essentials

Fanny Pack

Padded Fanny Pack

Fire Starter

Fire Starting Tools

Trail Ready Kit Numbered Contents Trail Ready Kit Numbered Contents

Hit the Trail with Confidence

1 - 1 TightPak survival towel
2 - 1 Fire Lite micro sparker w/ flint roller
3 - 1 roll of duct tape, 2"x26"
4 - Fishing and sewing kit
5 - 1 Slim Rescue Howler whistle
6 - 1 mini rescue mirror
7 - 1 fanny pack
8 - 1 emergency blanket
9 - 1 compass
10 - 30 ft reflective tinder cord
11 - 4 Fire Lite Tinder Quik tinders
12 - 1 PackIt survival card tool