Stoke Camp Hatchet
Stoke Camp Hatchet in packaging
Stoke Camp Hatchet attached to gray backpack
Stoke Camp Hatchet stuck in cut wood
Stoke Camp Hatchet stuck into stump
Stoke Camp Hatchet laid down with hatchet cover and flint fire starter

Stoke Camp Hatchet

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The Stoke Camp Hatchet is an all-in-one fire-starting tool. Chop wood with the sharp edge of the high-grade, satin-finished 420 stainless steel blade. Light a fire with the tinder cord lanyard and flint starter. Multitool hatchet also includes an integrated rope cutter, bottle opener, and 3 hex wrenches. Stores securely in riveted holster.

  • Stays Sharp – Keep an edge with high-grade satin-finished 420 stainless steel.
  • Multi-Tool Function – 3 sizes of hex wrenches and a rope cutter.
  • Fire Starters – Light a fire with the tinder cord lanyard and flint fire starter.
  • Non-Slip Grip – Feel confident in your work with the non-slip, ergonomic PP/TPR handle.
  • Sturdy Holster – Riveted belt holster protects blade and provides storage for flint fire starter.
  • Enjoy a Beverage – Open your favorite beverage with the integrated bottle opener at the end of a great day.

Dimensions: 10.25"x3.75"x.75"
Weight: 13.9oz

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tinder Cord

Tinder Cord

Fire Starter

Fire Starter


Durable Holster Included

Ideal tool for fueling my twig stove with the added bonus of a mini firesteel. The grip feels good & weight is good when splitting wood for kindling. Compact & easy to pack. –Magoo
SOL Orange and Black Stoke Hatchet in Stump SOL Orange and Black Stoke Hatchet in Stump

Hatchet + Fire Starter in One

Split tinder and use the flint fire starter with the blade to create sparks for a campfire.