Rescue Flash Floating Mirror in packaging
Rescue Flash Floating Mirror holding up in use in front of sky
Rescue Flash Floating Mirror woman using with mirror placed in front of eye
Rescue Flash Floating Mirror laid down back view

Rescue Flash Floating Mirror

Sale price$10.49
An essential in any emergency kit, the lightweight and shatterproof Rescue Flash® Floating Mirror can be seen over 10 miles away. This ultra-bright signaling tool has a reflective aimer so you can easily use it with one hand. Designed to float, feel secure using this on water and attach it to your gear or PFD through the attachment hole.

  • Be Seen – Signal is visible from miles away.
  • Target Rescuers – The retro-reflective aiming aid enables you to aim your signal.
  • Floats – Floats for reliable use on water.
  • Attach to Gear – Attach with a loop to your gear or PFD.
  • Lightweight & Unbreakable – Carry it with you anywhere with its lightweight and shatterproof construction.

Dimensions: 2"x3"
Weight: .7oz

2 Year Warranty