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Tender is proud to support organizations for the betterment of trails and natural landscapes. We support The American Hiking Society by providing products and volunteers for trail maintenance, in support of National Trails Days, and various associations such as OWAA, OWC, and the Outdoor Industry Association. In addition, Tender Corporation is a proud supporter of local groups and organizations in its hometown of Littleton, NH. Tender also supports organizations that assist in the education and outreach of diabetes and diabetes awareness.

General Information

Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
American Lyme Disease Foundation
Insect Facts and Information

Local Groups and Organizations

American Hiking Society
Outdoor Writers Association of America
Outdoor Industry Association
Appalachian Mountain Club
Continental Divide Trail Society

Diabetes Education, Outreach and Awareness

American Podiatric Medical Association
American Diabetes Association
American Association of Diabetes Educators
Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce

Wilderness Medicine Courses (WEMT, WFR, WFA)

Remote Medical
Wilderness Medicine Associates
SOLO Stonehearth Open Learing Opportunities

Wilderness Medicine CME Courses for Physicians and Nurses

Wilderness Medicine

Travel Information Websites

Current Travel Warnings from U.S. Dept. of State
Tips for Traveling Abroad from the U.S. Dept of State
New Requirements for Travel to Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama, Mexico, and Canada
CDC (Center for Disease Control) Travel Website
MedjetAssist - Medical Evacuation Membership

Passport and Travel Services

U.S. Passport Application Information/Services
Zierer Visa Service

Weather and Preparedness

National Hurricane Center
Ready Campaign - Dept. of Homeland Security
Equipped to Survive
Camping Resource Guide

Outdoor Clubs and Athletics

American Hiking Society
The Alpine Club of Canada
Appalachian Trail Conference
Rebecca Rusch Website
Team Nike
Ed Viesturs Website
Mountain Rescue Association