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  1. Survive Outdoors Longer Urban Survivor Kit

    The SOL Urban Survivor Emergency Preparedness Basic Kit is ideal for 1 person for 72 hours of survival.
  2. Pocket Survival Pak™ PLUS

    The next generation of Doug Ritter's best-selling Pocket Survival Pak - with even more lifesaving tools.
  3. Pocket Survival Pak™

    A pocket survival kit that really could save your life! Designed by Doug Ritter, Executive Director of the Equipped to Survive Foundation.
  4. Survive Outdoors Longer® Survival Medic

    The Survival Medic contains survival and first aid essentials in an ultralight waterproof pouch that is small enough to fit just about anywhere.
  5. Survive Outdoors Longer® Scout

    The Scout provides you with everything you need to stay safe, stay warm, and get found in a survival situation.
  6. Survive Outdoors Longer® Hybrid 3 Kit

    The Hybrid 3 covers all the bases of outdoor safety: medical supplies, survival tools, and gear repair items ensure that you and your equipment make it back in one piece.

    The Traverse is a throw back to old school tin survival kits packed with the quality products that Survive Outdoors Longer has always provided.
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7 Item(s)